English school

Free English.

More and more people are traveling, communicating with each other through social networks. Trade and consumption of goods become transnational. For modern person studying English, Chinese, Spanish, German and other languages has become a necessity. It is difficult to overestimate the opportunity to speak by yourself with the other people, speaking different languages. Education abroad and various training courses are closed for you, if there is no some knowledge, such as English language (most common language after Chinese).

English has become not only the most necessary tool for communication between people, but also a means to make money for those who teach. It’s wonderful that we have the opportunity to study English at any level and improve our skills. We have many opportunities thanks to the various language courses, schools and seminars. Unfortunately not everyone can pay for education.

We would like to tell you about the chance to master this important communication tool, without large financial investments. In addition to various classes in the Internet, you can use our language courses. We teach English for free, because we want to help people and we have such opportunity. We work with «New Headway». It’s a foundation course for adult and young adult absolute beginners. English is introduced gradually and methodically, in measured amounts, and in a logical order. Before you start, you will have a test. We don`t sell “New Headway”, but you can find it in any bookshop or in the Internet.

Classes are held twice a week (Thursday and Saturday).

We teach English for free. You just have to pay for your transport and get a book (“New Headway”).

Why is it free? We are Christians and we believe that Jesus Christ teaches us to help people spiritually and physically. Therefore, we have decided to teach people English free. And also, after the English part, we have Bible discussions.